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Wild Animal Hunter:

Wild Animal Hunter Description:
For all our animal hunting fans Free World Group has proudly released the flash game version of “Animal Hunter”. This is a really cool online hunting game, very entertaining, yet simple to play. The game starts placing the player in some kind of Robin Hood outfit armed with a bow and arrow. Suddenly, animals will start to appear roaming the woods right next to you, such as birds, rabbits, an ostrich, and some will even fly by over your head. You, the player, will need to move the hunter around using the left and right cursor keys. Next, you will have to adjust the shooting angle of your bow using the up and down arrow keys. Once you’ve got your target aligned, it is time to put some power to your shot by pressing the space bar key. The longer you press the space bar key, the faster and stronger your shot will be. Powerful shots are perhaps more appropriate for flying animals, yet no necessary for rabbits standing next to you. Shooting at shorter distances will allow the player to aim for another target faster, and shoot more arrows.
One thing to keep in mind when playing this hunting game online is to go after your prey after you’ve shot them. There will usually be bonus items left behind after the kill to improve your game, usually in the form of powerups and additional time. Additional time you say? That’s right folks, there are only 40 seconds on the clock in this animal hunting game for you to hunt as many animals as you can, if you don’t meet the minimum quota, the game will be over. So gear up, grab your bow and let the hunting season begin!